April 25, 2010

The Urban Dictionary defines an HERBOPHILE as…

“A person who is sexually attracted to flora of all sorts
this includes plants, ferns, trees and flowering plants”

That’s ridiculous.

I just wanted to find a sweet title that would describe my adoration of herbs as Nature’s gift to epicureans.  (And certainly we must not confuse ‘herbophile’ with ‘hebophile’ …which is infinitely wrong and has no place in my blog.)

Back to herbs

…and fun places to find them.

My son, Parker, and I spent a sunny and cool Thursday morning at Stone Barns in Westchester County New York and stayed through the early afternoon.

Stone Barns

Thanks to two of our closest friends, Vonnie and her son MacArthur, we took a short car ride 30 minutes north of the city to the fresh air and open landscapes of this working farm and educational center.  The central stone building is also home to the Blue Hill Cafe and the prestigious Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant, famous for their use of the the farm’s freshest seasonal herbs and other market wares.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns herbal tea cart

I drank iced coffee and tasted scones with cheese and chives, and a fluffy frittata full of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Blue Hill Cafe's frittata

We walked through a quaint outdoor garden with apple trees and fragrant mint and thyme, and we were encouraged to rub the leaves and wander with the heady fresh scent lingering on our fingers.

Parker and Mac next to some mint at Stone Barns

To me, the aromatic essence of fresh herbs synthesize energy and calm

…history and presence

…flavor and fragrance

…beauty and rusticity

…earth and air

…and somehow provide a refreshing perspective

…on life.