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Now 3 months post perfect-brilliant-smiley-adorable second baby boy birth, and my body remains a foreign cocoon…sloping my shoulders and stretching my clothes while awaiting metamorphosis.

Any optimism in reach comes from the wonderful family created and completed, and the fact that a year ago today I was in ideally toned shape.

 Certainly, this body of yore is re-attainable?

And the energy level?

I’m practicing the appreciation of my imperfection, reveling in the spectacular growth of my children and praising the steadfast graciousness of my husband.

Even under the sometimes pressing burden of constantly care-giving (and not always being considered), I am elevated to understanding more of life and achieving more of my ultimate goal

…to help foster love, compassion, honesty

and diligence in a sometimes chaotic world!

And this little familial social experiment is thriving

and rising to the challenge thus far.


exercise, breathing and meditation

These are the elements of the art of yoga,

and elements of optimum health for all of us!

Through 5,000 years and specified historical periods of yoga development, the art has evolved into an accessible form of wellness for all people.  We are surrounded with easily attainable ways to practice.

Yoga doesn’t need to be your life to be incorporated into your lifestyle.

What I have learned about yoga, is that it is incredibly efficient!  Not only are you working your cardiovascular system, fatiguing muscle groups and stretching and lengthening your body, you are also caring for your internal organs, glandular systems, emotional serenity and mental focus.

With a proper and educated practice, your entire system improves!

Spending about 20 minutes a day exercising doesn’t seem like a lot, but with a good yoga practice, it is enough to accomplish lengthening, strengthening, fat burning and mind centering.  Not bad for the little  time we have these days to care for ourselves!

Now, on days when you have more time to spare and want to get some truly intense fitness, there are sure to be yoga classes in your area!  I have friends who swear by the cleansing feeling of Bikram Yoga, and athletic enthusiasts who adore their Vinyasa. There are numerous styles to explore.

Classes generally run about 45 minutes to an hour and a half, and I think it’s impossible to leave feeling less than renewed, empowered, challenged and accomplished!  Can’t afford classes?  Me niether!

FREE yoga practice is available  on

My absolute favorite free video happens to be led by my amazing sister!  Search under “workouts”, then “free full length”, then “instructor” and “Elise Gulan”…and prepare to be challenged!

Elise guru and celebrity trainer

She has a 45 minute yoga practice that is truly intense, even for those of us who consider ourselves physically fit!  She gives level options for each section of a flow, and there is amazing room for improvement and increased mastery.

My husband and I have been practicing yoga together in our living room several times a week.

We feel strong and centered every time.

…if only for a while

…and until we practice again.

Basic Ingredients…

April 20, 2009


There are so many ways to express and discover your style, and I think it is so important to start with the bare essentials.  Excellent Health and Wellness!!  These elements should be non-negotiables.  What we put into and onto our bodies have to work hand in hand.  One can’t be strengthened without the other.  The closer we get to our healthfully ideal body, the closer we get to enjoying our personal style…and the process of discovering what that is.  And, how better to start being your best then to be more conscious of how you nourish, move and pamper your body.

I recently registered on to keep track of my daily caloric intake.  But, this site offers so much more than that!  For free I’m able to track the food I eat, the amount of water I drink, the physical activities I do and the weight I lose.  It even breaks down the carbs, fats and proteins in each food choice and in each day’s total intake.  It makes it so easy, fun and informative!    It puts the food that fuels your body into perspective, and really transforms the concept of “dieting” into common sense.

Fitness is such a personal choice!   BUT…how can you know what you like until you research and try?  Storytime:  I have two siblings.  Both are in PEAK physical condition.  My sister, Elise Gulan, is an LA based fitness guru and soon to be STAR!  Check out  to learn more about her current ballet conditioning dvd from Element, her upcoming series of dvd’s from Gaiam and her hosting gig on an upcoming Lifetime reality series that focuses on the health of married couples.  My brother, Evan, is a highschool wrestling champion who recently became inspire by CrossFit (a very structured and regimented physical conditioning method) and is planning to open a gym for other Crossfit enthusiasts.  They both look and feel incredible as a result of their pursuits and passion!  I’m lagging a bit behind, but am discovering my own methods of staying physically fit!  I adore yoga, and am trying to maintain some regularity with my  dvd practice, which is affordable and time efficient.  I kind of want to take a pole dancing class, too!!!  For real.  Check out private, female only classes for you NYC ladies at .  

Now, let’s talk healthy, naked skin!!  I actually know a lot about this.  I worked as an Associate Consultant for Clinique for over a year, and was enlightened about the importance of skin care!  Start young to minimize harsh effects of aging and the environment.  I highly recommend seeing a Clinique consultant to be skin-typed.  Once you find out what your skin needs, you can start a regimen that is SO much easier than you think!  Just making sure your skin is gently cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized will keep it at it’s best.  I adore Cliniques liquid facial soap (mild for me…I have dry skin!) and Repairwear Night cream.  I know that Neutrogena has a new “Skin ID” system that could be another option.  But, don’t ignore the rest of your body!  I love a good sugar or salt scrub for rough patches of skin.  I use a creamier body lotion, but…what you use will depend on your skintype.  What’s important, is that just a few minutes a day make a great difference in the way your skin looks and feels!

Do a little exploring, and find something new to fit into your routine that soothes you!