Since I was a Star in the Sky, I have believed in the value of a constant and true search for oneself. I have believed that with even basic access to other people and their life discoveries, we can all discover ourselves. And…this search and discovery never stops. Which is, to me, an AWESOME thing!

Ok. Though this “belief” extends to some serious life issues that are far beyond my personal passion…I’m talking about Style, here! I’m talking about finding a confident personal Style, that may change, but…at least feels productive and relevant and GOOD right now.

I want to use this blog and, eventually, a website, to network all of us…STYLEPHILE to STYLEPHOBE…to expedite and intensify our constantly evolving journey of self discovery. I’m lucky enough to have some great connections to some amazing artists and experts who are itching to contribute. So…this is a start!

Life can be sweet. Put in something good, mix it up a bit, give it some heat and…TAKE A SLICE! I’ll be dishing out the goods periodically…with a little help from my friends.