the author

the author

I’m Noel Molinelli, an actress and a mom living in NYC with my fantastic husband and son! I appreciate this city and the diversity of opportunities it offers, and I adore the quiet nature of the Virginia countryside I grew up in. What a gift it would be to bring one to the other in some sort of utopian hybrid! Since the physical possibilities of that seem….improbable…my goal is to achieve this via the internet, and a sweet slice of StylePie, currently here at

I constantly strive to find a life balance and to empower myself and my family and friends to pursue living with style! Not just “style” as we traditionally understand it, but “style” as a description of all the elements that make us individual and expressive!

I want to use this blog and, eventually, a website, to network all of us…STYLEPHILE to STYLEPHOBE…to expedite and intensify our constantly evolving journey of self discovery. I’m lucky enough to have some great connections to some amazing artists and experts who are itching to contribute. So…this is a start!

Life can be sweet. Put in something good, mix it up a bit, give it some heat and…TAKE A SLICE! I’ll be dishing out the goods periodically…with a little help from my friends.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. teapotrose Says:

    I like your style!

  2. Noel, I’m taking a leisurely Sunday journey through your blog and enjoying your writing as well as the accompanying pictures. After finishing your April 2010 posts, I feel deeply touched by the simple things you spoke of. They all hold great meaning for me — herbs, which I grow in my garden; rain, which reminds me fondly of Seattle; candles, which burn regularly in my home; letters, which I’ve written since childhood; and, mason jars, well…enough said. You’ve made my Sunday here in upstate NY, mid-March, on the brink of Spring. More coffee? I think, yes. Wishing you and your family all the best.

    • stylepie Says:

      This comment from you made my day/week/year, Karen! And…it’s been years since I’ve written!! I had a few life surprises, and just didn’t keep it up. One day soon, I hope to start it up. Wishing you all the best, simplest and most inspiring things out of life!

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