photo courtesy of Coastal Living

Now 3 months post perfect-brilliant-smiley-adorable second baby boy birth, and my body remains a foreign cocoon…sloping my shoulders and stretching my clothes while awaiting metamorphosis.

Any optimism in reach comes from the wonderful family created and completed, and the fact that a year ago today I was in ideally toned shape.

 Certainly, this body of yore is re-attainable?

And the energy level?

I’m practicing the appreciation of my imperfection, reveling in the spectacular growth of my children and praising the steadfast graciousness of my husband.

Even under the sometimes pressing burden of constantly care-giving (and not always being considered), I am elevated to understanding more of life and achieving more of my ultimate goal

…to help foster love, compassion, honesty

and diligence in a sometimes chaotic world!

And this little familial social experiment is thriving

and rising to the challenge thus far.