Reclaiming Valentine’s Day

February 1, 2011

The name “Valentine”, derived from valens(worthy, strong, powerful), was popular in Late Antiquity. – Wikepedia

Turns out…there is no specified reason for the February 14th celebration of LOVE…or it’s namesake.  It is a feast day of at least one of the Sainted “Valentine’s” of Rome…but a more relevant reason to rejoice seems to be the very definition of the root of the word.  Worthy…Strong…Powerful.  Words that also describe love!

My philosophy?

Who needs a well defined reason for celebrating something good?  Love is good…Saints are good.  But, let’s be honest…Love is much more marketable and universally understood in some fashion or another!  I’m kind of astonished that there is only one holiday for ALL the ways to love and be loved!  But…even for our commercial society…I guess that would be going overboard.  So, we manage to combine romance, dedication, consideration and the loving bonds of family and friendship into one highlighted calendar date …and hopefully 364 more days of expressing those emotions.


So why not share treats with your sweeties…


Relish your bond with your partner…


Me relishing my husband!


Breathe in the fragrance of gifted flowers…

photo by Michael Filonow


And remind your mind and body that Love is the most powerfully positive force in our daily lives?