Summer and Strand

June 25, 2010

Summer is here.

So is mass-hyst-HAIR-ia!

Along with the sun and the swim and the salt and the sweetness of summer come variant obstacles to p-HAIR-adise! I’m going to stop doing that now….putting HAIR into words. But I shall put solutions into words…and pictures!

For every follicular foe…

there is an ally!

One of the first and the best is to embrace and control the natural change in your mane!

Besides the gorgeous natural effect of a day on the shore, there are amazing products that reduce frizz and set hair’s natural movement. There are even crafty ways to make your own products! Check out some Salt Spray recipes on that get you that natural beachy hair anywhere! If you’re not into even minimal manual labor, Bumble and Bumble makes Surf Spray for the same effect.

As a girl with fine, frizzy and unevenly wavy locks, I adore a couple of John Frieda products. MANE-ly (oh gosh…sorry) his Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation. I know it says “straight”…and upon styling with a flat iron it lives up to it’s title, but I find that if I use velcro rollers or put in pin curls or even air dry, it smoothes the strands in their intended form. I also love to finish any styling with Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hairspray. I’ts especially great with any formal styling or ponytails, chignons and up-do’s. For a more intense frizzless wave, I love to spritz my hair generously with Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Wave-Enhancing spray, then scrunch and blow dry with a diffuser. That brought out my curviest wave!

I personally have consistently…inconsistent…and often unruly strands, so I’ve devised many methods to tame the mangy mess with virtually no effort.

Pull back a ponytail!

Simply teasing the root and securing a pony at the base of the crown, about an inch and a half up from the bottom of the hairline, creates the ultimate low maintenance look. I like to defrizz by lightly straightening or curling the tail of this do. If you have bangs, they are best silky and straight. For my more flamboyant females, there are ways to stylize and personalize with a headband, flower, brooch or extra ties.

Headbands are my personal favorite!

I usually wear a scarf or band with my long hair lightly teased at the root and tied back in a low ponytail or bunch. For an instant fix that goes with anything, try a $10 versatile braided headband from Sephora.

In fact, braids are another easy fix for free spirited strands!

I like to start one at my natural part then wrap fully or partially at the crown. Encircling tresses with a french braid adds more polish to the pouf.

With a little more time and a little more stress on your tresses, you can properly prep and straighten with a good ceramic hair iron. Proper time and technique ensure slick and smooth style that can stand up to the heat and humidity…unless you plan on serious sweating…or swimming.

So, pony up!

Coax the curl, wrap your cap, play with braids or move to smooth your coif…

and crown your summer with style!