Hot Shades

May 17, 2010

Shade n.

1. Light diminished in intensity as a result of the interception of the rays; partial darkness.
2. An area or a space of partial darkness.
3. Cover or shelter provided by interception by an object of the sun or its rays.

If eyes are windows to the soul

…then sunglasses are Bada$$ tinted windows

to the intriguing inner workings of a mysterious personal vehicle.

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They are the style equivalent of cool.

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I have always felt infinitely more powerful…and secure…in a hot pair of shades. Behind dark glasses you can watch the world watching you and disappear behind the protection of not having to react.

And, there is, of course, the super smooth moment of the reveal…when the reflective camouflage is peeled away, and the soul is gloriously unveiled.

Watch all extraneous social expectations and the stress of unwanted obligatory responses melt away.

jamie-chung-horacio-salinas sunglasses

Peer through partial darkness

…at the diminished intensity of life’s glare,

…and mellow.