Visions in White

March 6, 2010

It’s the eve of a good friend’s wedding, and my mind wanders to white.

White linens, white lights, white candles, white dress.

New beginnings!

New challenges,

New joys,

New responsibilites,

New fears and new comforts.

Upon self reflection, I see that I’m at a crossroads, and the endless possibility of a clean white slate appeals to me.  In the absence of color, we instinctively fill in the blank with imagination and personal vision!

The “newness” of white is energizing and provoking.

As so many of us do, I stand on the precipice of great changes.  My life, my family, my career, my body, my spirituality , my DREAMS…all in transition.   And the metamorphosis of these things and this self is as joyous and present as my good friend’s wedding, and as possible as white.

Envision the  blank pages of the rest of our story!

It’s sure to be dotted with mistakes and revisions, littered with marginal musings, well worn at the edges…

and filled with color.


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