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February 12, 2010

Where have I BEEN all my life!

Ha ha….

Well, in addition to being a personal lifestyle warrior, I’m a full time mom and an often times actress.  So, life got hectic for a while (thank goodness for steady work)…and I completely dissolved any contribution to my blog!  I see in the future, though, a time when I may be primarily rocking a style website, and I need practice writing down my thoughts and ideas.  I also need major help figuring out how to make this blog pretty.  It’s all in my head, but I’m technologically…slow…so there’s a learning curve.

For lack of my own adorable website, I would love to introduce you to my gorgeous and talented friend’s online boutique, Madison Belle!!!

This phenom-friend of mine, Brooke, is a truly passionate entrepreneur and an equally spirited soul!  Her site has been featured on many popular style blogs and she was even highlighted in Country Living.  She scours the land for the most adorable and crafty pieces with vintage flair.

Find a unique gift, or an amazing conversation piece to add style to your world!

the adorable style of

See!  Comfort and style CAN be bought!!!


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