Basic Ingredients…

April 20, 2009


There are so many ways to express and discover your style, and I think it is so important to start with the bare essentials.  Excellent Health and Wellness!!  These elements should be non-negotiables.  What we put into and onto our bodies have to work hand in hand.  One can’t be strengthened without the other.  The closer we get to our healthfully ideal body, the closer we get to enjoying our personal style…and the process of discovering what that is.  And, how better to start being your best then to be more conscious of how you nourish, move and pamper your body.

I recently registered on to keep track of my daily caloric intake.  But, this site offers so much more than that!  For free I’m able to track the food I eat, the amount of water I drink, the physical activities I do and the weight I lose.  It even breaks down the carbs, fats and proteins in each food choice and in each day’s total intake.  It makes it so easy, fun and informative!    It puts the food that fuels your body into perspective, and really transforms the concept of “dieting” into common sense.

Fitness is such a personal choice!   BUT…how can you know what you like until you research and try?  Storytime:  I have two siblings.  Both are in PEAK physical condition.  My sister, Elise Gulan, is an LA based fitness guru and soon to be STAR!  Check out  to learn more about her current ballet conditioning dvd from Element, her upcoming series of dvd’s from Gaiam and her hosting gig on an upcoming Lifetime reality series that focuses on the health of married couples.  My brother, Evan, is a highschool wrestling champion who recently became inspire by CrossFit (a very structured and regimented physical conditioning method) and is planning to open a gym for other Crossfit enthusiasts.  They both look and feel incredible as a result of their pursuits and passion!  I’m lagging a bit behind, but am discovering my own methods of staying physically fit!  I adore yoga, and am trying to maintain some regularity with my  dvd practice, which is affordable and time efficient.  I kind of want to take a pole dancing class, too!!!  For real.  Check out private, female only classes for you NYC ladies at .  

Now, let’s talk healthy, naked skin!!  I actually know a lot about this.  I worked as an Associate Consultant for Clinique for over a year, and was enlightened about the importance of skin care!  Start young to minimize harsh effects of aging and the environment.  I highly recommend seeing a Clinique consultant to be skin-typed.  Once you find out what your skin needs, you can start a regimen that is SO much easier than you think!  Just making sure your skin is gently cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized will keep it at it’s best.  I adore Cliniques liquid facial soap (mild for me…I have dry skin!) and Repairwear Night cream.  I know that Neutrogena has a new “Skin ID” system that could be another option.  But, don’t ignore the rest of your body!  I love a good sugar or salt scrub for rough patches of skin.  I use a creamier body lotion, but…what you use will depend on your skintype.  What’s important, is that just a few minutes a day make a great difference in the way your skin looks and feels!

Do a little exploring, and find something new to fit into your routine that soothes you!


Since I was a Star in the Sky, I have believed in the value of a constant and true search for oneself. I have believed that with even basic access to other people and their life discoveries, we can all discover ourselves. And…this search and discovery never stops. Which is, to me, an AWESOME thing!

Ok. Though this “belief” extends to some serious life issues that are far beyond my personal passion…I’m talking about Style, here! I’m talking about finding a confident personal Style, that may change, but…at least feels productive and relevant and GOOD right now.

I want to use this blog and, eventually, a website, to network all of us…STYLEPHILE to STYLEPHOBE…to expedite and intensify our constantly evolving journey of self discovery. I’m lucky enough to have some great connections to some amazing artists and experts who are itching to contribute. So…this is a start!

Life can be sweet. Put in something good, mix it up a bit, give it some heat and…TAKE A SLICE! I’ll be dishing out the goods periodically…with a little help from my friends.